Art Direction, Responsive Web Design

Agency  The Working Group

About the Project

The SVX is an impact investing platform that connects impact ventures, funds, and investors. The SVX approached TWG to refresh their marketing sites in order to showcase SVX’s involvement in creating successful connections between impact ventures and investors, and to entice users to sign up and participate in their platform.

Art Direction

Impact investing is the investment in companies, organizations and funds with the goal of creating positive social or environmental impact while generating a modest financial return. These impact ventures and funds start off with an ambitious world-changing idea but desperately needs the proper resources to nurture and grow their idea … like a beautiful flower. This flower analogy is what inspired me to push the art direction into a softer, nurturing look with matching nature visuals.

Bespoke Graphics

Creating a custom set of graphics ensured a unique look and feel for the SVX website. It also allowed for flexibility in creating specific messages and imagery that one cannot find with stock images. 

The 3-toned colour palette is inspired by the existing MaRS and SVX branding, and brings a friendly and uplifting tone, which aligns with the positive outcomes of these impact venture investments.

Responsive Web Design

The SVX website has a flexible 12-column grid design which allows it to be fully responsive. Each component was designed with fluidity in mind in order to make a seamless transition between devices.