Patients at Heart

Visual Design based on existing brand guidelines

Agency  Idea Couture

About the Project

Winner of the Digital Marketing Awards 2013: Best Patient Website

Patients at Heart is a program designed to support and educate clinical trial patients and their families. This program is also used to help inform people interested in joining clinical trials. 


Design With Empathy

Given the sensitive nature of clinical trials, it was crucial to convey a warm message that empowered patients and their families. Although it appears to be an easy task, it was not – body copy had to be informative but sensitive.

There’s a tendency for the medical industry to use imagery consisting of overly sad people or overly happy people for sensitive matters. For clinical trials, we knew this was not the correct approach. We chose to design Patients at Heart with strong, heartwarming imagery of people participating in a number of activities – be it biking or hiking – to show that life can have positive outcomes.