Visual Identity, Print Design, Responsive Web Design


About the Project

Joee Wong is an international wedding photographer based in Toronto, Canada. After a successful decade in the wedding photography industry, he has branched out into corporate and editorial clients, therefore, needed a strong visual identity that would work across his entire business.

Visual Design + Print Design

Joee Wong specializes in documentary photography — capturing beautiful, evocative images as they are at the moment. As such, it only made sense that his visual identity was redesigned to be simple, approachable, and contemporary.

The simplicity of his logo allows it to be used across digital and print collateral. More importantly, his visual identity is flexible and highly adaptable, which means as Joee Wong expands into commercial and editorial photography, his business channels are strongly connected under one brand.


Responsive Web Design

In an industry notorious for image theft, wedding portfolios are often showcased with small, watermarked imagery. Joee Wong entrusted me to take full creative control to not only help him tell his story as a photographer but the love stories he captured. Full-size, unwatermarked images showcase his talents and help create a beautiful story – fully responsive. I hope to see more wedding photographers take this approach with their online portfolios.