Art Direction, Brand and Visual Identity Design, Website Design, Collateral Design

Agency  Healthcare Human Factors

About the Project

As a leader in innovative healthcare technology design, Healthcare Human Factors wanted to refresh their brand and visual identity, design a new website, and produce a family of promotional collateral.

Logo Design

My redesign for Healthcare Human Factors consists of two main concepts. 

ONE / Word Play
‘Health’ and ‘Factors’ were sectioned out as the rigid scientific-based side of our work and represented with the hard, overlapping lines. Using solid lowercase characters to represent friendliness and approachability, ‘c
are’ and ‘human’ allude to the users we design for: patients and their family, caregivers, and the clinicians. Together, these two sections actually represent the intersection of science and empathy. 

TWO /  Humanity
Healthcare Human Factors designs for a wide variety of clients but in the end, the final product is for the people. Keeping this key detail in mind, the new Healthcare Human Factors logo was designed to be humanist with the softer characters in ‘care’ and ‘human’, and more friendly and approachable with the teal colour palette.

Brand Design

For a consistent brand voice and visual identity, all internal and external collateral were redesigned with the new look and feel. As the Design Lead, I created and developed the brand standards, and guided the branding team to carryforth the brand in a consistent manner, and throughout the entire organisation. Internal and external collateral I designed include chart/table/diagrams, proposals, promotional postcards, business cards, envelopes, presentations, etc. 

For photography, we hired professional photographer, Joee Wong, to execute the light, approachable imagery to complement our logo and brand identity.

Responsive Web Design

The Healthcare Human Factors website has a flexible 12-column grid design which allows it to be fully responsive. The website was designed to be light and airy; and carryforth the brand identity standards that I established.